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Aerial Videography & Photography

Creating a tremendous aerial view from your special moment is our specialty. Our drone provides top-quality photographs and videos from the air to capture and record motion from the best angle with affordable price.

3D Mapping

Our drone will able to get aerial data acquisition for mapping, terrain model and geo-visuals. We do the plan by selecting the area you want to map. We fly the drone to capture the high-resolution visual-spectrums aerial views. Then we process to create a 2D and/or 3D mapping of the area.

Custom UAV

We are able to create a custom drone with various specification according to client’s request. The size of the drone, power system, maximum altitude, camera ability and all additional features can be discussed with our experienced engineers.



Wide range
Up to 2 KM away from remote control

High altitude
Up to 500 m

Long flight time
Up to 15 minutes

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